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Minera El Abra

Inplant Conveyor System

Location: Chile
Year Commissioned: 1995

Notable Features:
Total of 17 conveyors installed.
All components were standardized.
The delivery was "fast-tracked".

El Abra

System Description:

The ihoxidelm line is designed to transport ore from the primary crushers to the secondary crushing and screening building at a capacity of 8,200 metric tons per hour. The ore is then leached and copper is extracted through an electro-winning process in the mine. The "sulfidel" line encompasses the copper ore concentration process which called for varying capacities ranging from 872 to 8,200 metric tons per hour. Steep inclined and other specialty conveyors. The majority of the conveyors and feeders are designed for a harsh mining environmentdue to a site elevation of over 4,350m above sea level. System Length - 2,698m.

The conveyor routing was developed for functionality and to have the least impact on the surrounding area. An important design criteria was the containment of fugitive dust and the avoidance of possible spillage. Due to the high altitude of the site it was critical to select the supplied components to minimize physical labour for maintenance personel. Such as ballmill ball handling conveyors are part of the supplied system.

Technical Data:
Material - Copper ore and concentrate
System Length - 2,698m
Design Capacity - 872 to 8,200 mtph
Belt Speed - 0.2 to 3.65 m/s
Conveyor Width - 18" to 72l"